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EHB Comercial KFT has an experienced and motivated team of employees in the Information and Technology Sector, and has been working for many years in the IT industry - International Business, with full knowledge and experience in the market.

Our leading staff maintains contact with the largest specialized distributors and industry specialists

throughout the European landscape.





IT products - consumer electronics like all major HDDs, Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital, Samsung SSD, Intel CPUs, game consoles and manuals, Smartphones, Huawei, Samsung, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad Tablets, Peripherals, Storage and more.

We also sell wide-ranging products such as; Toner / Laser HP, Canon, Samsung and many more brands.

We take advantage of the best logistics in the world and provide our customers and suppliers with all paperwork to provide perfect transport management or import / export delivery.




We are very important to our relationship with our suppliers and customers. We always try to satisfy every need, and we put professionalism, business honesty and personal contact first. We are also trying to establish a long-term relationship and to spare time with our partners.


We are always looking for new partners and our qualified specialists are ready to respond to the needs of current and future customers.


EHB Comercial KFT


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